Gluten-Free means Gluten-Free

How often have you dined out and asked for a Gluten-Free menu or if a particular item is Gluten-Free and our server ensures you it is…only to find out it is cooked in the vicinity of other gluten containing items?

I know for me, OFTEN!! I have learned to ask the right questions to ensure that my meals are as safe as possible…but what a comfort it is dining within Wheat’s End Cafe - KNOWING every single item is 100% Gluten-Free…there is no flour in the kitchen…no gluten containing items…no mixed fryer or toaster!

If you are unable to make your way into our Gluten-Free Cafe, we want to guard you when dining out! Below are a few ways to help ensure your meal is safe while dining at a restaurant that contains Gluten:

1) ASK QUESTIONS!! Make sure the item is not fried in a fryer with other gluten items (ex. breaded items-mozzarella sticks, etc.)

2) Ask if the item is cooked on a flat top with other gluten containing items? If so, ask if they can cook the item in a separate pan.

3) If you are ordering GF pasta, make sure it is boiled in a separate pot of water…a lot of kitchens keep a large pot boiling to throw par-boiled pasta in to expedite service…which is great if you can eat gluten…for the rest of us - we need to ensure there is NO GLUTEN so fresh pot of water!

4) If an item is topped with a protein, be sure to ask if that particular protein has been dusted with flour or if it contains any sauce/marinade that has Gluten.

5) For veggie sides or salads - make sure the dressings are GF or possibly bring your own!

There are so many tips to ensure safety…so make sure to never feel bad about asking a lot of questions or even just leave the restaurant if they can not guarantee any items. Even if the menu says GF…be aware that many times it is not, so arm yourself with the right questions and remember…Wheat’s End Cafe is always here when you are able to come and dine in Lakeview!

Author: Amy Grant

Meni Mizrahi