In today’s society we hear the term food allergy so often that we start to equate all negative reactions from food to an allergy. Yet, there are different levels for so many people as well as understanding that our body’s reaction may not be triggered by a true immune response but rather a sensitivity to or difficulty in digesting a particular food.

Here is an article we found that briefly explains the differences between a food allergy, sensitivity and intolerance:

Please note that we like to share what we find for general reference and not medical advice.

With the growing population of individuals suffering from food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, we here at Wheat’s End Cafe understand how difficult it can be for so many to just sit down and enjoy a meal with not just peace of mind, but a happy body afterwards. We have created a safe haven for customers that have reactions to gluten. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our products exclude every other trigger food or potential allergen. The best we can do is to provide every customer a complete list of the ingredients in all our baked goods and meals.

We are constantly growing, learning and doing our best to provide a Cafe where you feel at home, cared for and happy.