Let’s start this by are doing great! If you are a parent you know that there is an instinctual part of you that kicks in when you have a child to shield them from any harm, hurt or pain. You spend hours on end trying to find ways to prevent them from making the same mistakes you did or having the same problems you had to overcome.

If you have a child that suffers from Celiac, I am sure you have run your brain ragged on what could I have done, was this something I could have prevented, what did I do wrong? This negative string of thought can take us down quickly. “... recent large prospective studies have shown that neither the timing of gluten introduction nor the duration or maintenance of breastfeeding influence the risk of CD.” This is an article we found that we hope gives you a hand to pull you out of that downward spiral. Click here to read more (please note that we like to share what we find for general reference and not medical advice).

There is ongoing research and discoveries around Celiac and how bodies identify or react to gluten. If you find an interesting article or hear of something that may influence the gluten-free world, please let us know! You can message us on our InstaGram or FaceBook accounts (@wheatsend), or send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

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