Living with gluten sensitivities isn’t easy, so traveling can be even more of a challenge. Since indulging in local cuisines is one of travel’s greatest pleasures, being gluten-free shouldn’t hold you back. The gluten-free diet eliminates wheat, barley and rye, and thus many pastas and breads. But with some prior research, there is no destination you can’t devour.

At Wheat’s End Café, we appreciate fresh, global ingredients and flavors to make our dishes really stand out. And our new happy hour menu has a real international flare. Try our house made hummus, whipped with real tahini, our salmon tartar, with Faroe salmon, or our Mediterranean meatballs made with lamb simmered in Lina’s rich house made tomato sauce. Happy hour is every Tuesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Grab a friend, and toast to spring while sampling our new dishes!

Here are a few places abroad for even more inspiration:

1) Peru

City: Arequipa
 Ceviche (seafood pickled in lime juice); Lomo Saltado (beef stir-fry); Ají de Gallina (chicken stew)
Avoid: Tamales, though made with cornflour-based, some street vendors are vague on the ingredient list
Say: Trigo is wheat in Spanish


2) Thailand

City: Chaing Mai
Try: Som Tum (spicy green papaya salad); Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup); Gaeng Daeng (red curry)
Avoid: Many of the sauces, even soy sauce, contains wheat
Say: Gluten-free is ตังฟรี in Thai


3) India

City: Mumbai
Try: Masala Dosa (made from rice and lentils, filled with potatoes and spices); Idli (steamed savory rice cake); Lassi (yogurt drink served sweet or savory)
Avoid: Spicy rice classic dum pukht biryani is sealed with a wheat based pastry top
Say: Maida flour and Suji translates to wheat


4) Israel

City: Tel Aviv
Try: Shashkua (poached eggs in tomato sauce); Hummus (chickpea dip); Bamba (classic Israeli peanut snack made from corn)
Avoid: Kebabs where meat have been reshaped, likely with breadcrumbs
Say: Gluten-free in Hebrew is ללא גלוטן


5) Spain

City: Barcelona
Try: Tortilla (omelette layered with potatoes); Jamon, Chorizo, and Salchichón (cured meats); Pisto (Spanish ratatouille)
Avoid: Gazpacho is often made with pureed stale bread
Say: Sin gluten means gluten-free in Spanish